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How does a lemon 🍋 tastes 😆 Everyone?

✨🅾️, U ®️✨💫

imperfect & Brilliant❣️

~These Tees

Greetings soul,

Together we are creating…💭



One day, we all can shake it and make lemonade frOm it at Tea time 🗞 individually. Let’s water 💦 “🅾️U®️” Tree 😁!!!! U don’t have to wear it, just pick your own lime frOm the tree 🌲 and or watch it ripen tuh a lemon 🍋 right there growing frOm the


emon Tree.


must Gotta give the Tree time to grow the fruit. Every thing reflects us like a mirror. Will you help?

Buy a T-shirT. Join our journey, We are saving Tuh buy the lemon 🍋 tree seed & plant 🌱it, water 💦 it, and patiently watch it grow then bear its fruits. It’s going to be fun. Do u know how and where lemon 🍋 trees grow? Do some research, it will peek your interests. A lemon 🍋 tree is special, they don’t grow just about anywhere and conditions just like you! Uno know u want Tuh 😆
12 shirts per year recommend. Our Goal 785,000,000,000. That’s more lemonade than they are humans all 295 countries around our entire Globe 🌎.
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